Meredith Garofalo, LPC

Therapy is a gift...


I believe therapy is a unique gift you can give yourself, yet finding a therapist that will make you feel like she ‘gets you’, can be daunting and paralyzing.  The first step of making a phone call and appointment might fill you with dread, fear, shame or hopelessness.  For you to feel safe enough to share your struggles with me, I will have to earn your trust.  As we begin our work, I will make every effort to meet you with genuine warmth, openness and patience.  We will go at your pace, acknowledging that you are ultimately the expert in your life.    

I offer collaborative, individualized therapy that builds on your inherent strengths.  You are a unique person with your own way of seeing the world.  We will creatively work together to find avenues for acceptance and change that fit with your goals for a more self-aware and fulfilled life.   In addition to utilizing traditional talk therapy to address concerns related to anxiety/depression, relational difficulties, life transitions, and/or trauma/PTSD, I enjoy exploring ways to heal the mind by connecting to the body.    

You may not know how you ended up in the place that brings you to this page searching for a therapist.  Maybe you feel like you should have figured out how to fix it by now.   Perhaps you are barely keeping your head above water or feel stuck, trapped.  While I can’t promise to have magic answers to your struggles, I can promise to sit with you as you share your pain.  Laugh with you, so we don’t take therapy and ourselves too seriously.  Listen and ask questions to encourage a deeper understanding of your emotions.  Explore with curiosity ways to develop strategies that empower you.  I know that you have done the best with the cards you have been dealt in life.  My hope is that you move towards knowing you are worthy of all that you desire in life.  If you find something on this page resonating with you, I would be honored to share in your journey.

Contact me:

meredithleigh@UPTOWN-PSYCHOLOGY.COM | 704-412-4046


Insurance Covered

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (Medcost)

Private Pay Rate

Individual Session - $140


University of Georgia -  Bachelors of Arts, Psychology

Illinois School of Professional Counseling - Master of Arts, Professional Counseling