Meredith Stewart, LCSW

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I promise that you cannot shock Me ...

The first time you hear that you have a mental health diagnosis is an intense day. To hear a doctor say, "I think you (or your child) have BiPolar Disorder," can feel like the rug was just pulled out from under you. Or, maybe it feels a little reassuring, like some things finally make sense out of the chaos. Either way, you want a therapist who understands all the systems, psychiatrists, and hoops you will have to jump through. I can walk you through understanding what this means for you and your family, and what kind of life you want to have regardless of this diagnosis. 

I work with men and women who are living with more significant diagnosis, like manic depression, ADHD, and severe anxiety. I am not your typical smile-and-nod therapist! I am real with you, and also am caring and empathetic. I'm going to tell you like it is, and I'm also going to listen.

I work with individuals who are going through processing their diagnosis for the first time, and I also work with families. It can be so difficult to know how to navigate this new world of diagnosis and medication, and equally difficult to navigate Thanksgiving dinner. We will work together to find a way for you each to be heard. 

People can feel embarrassed to tell their therapist what is really happening. But after 20 years of working in in-patient and out-patient behavioral health, I have heard it all. I have extensive experience with trauma, manic depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Come in and talk to me about what's happening for you. 

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Insurance Covered

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MedCost

Private Pay Rate

Intake Session - $160

Standard Individual Session - $140

Couples/Family Session - $160