Yasmine Jeffers, LMFTA


you never think it will happen to you ...

There are things that happen in life that you never imagine would happen to you. It might be a stroke, or a loved one getting in a car accident. It might be a cancer diagnosis, or even getting blindsided by a big breakup. I work with people who have encountered something unexpected, and all of a sudden find they don't know how to process all that has just changed for them.

Many people find strength they never knew they had and direct that at caring for others. They manage the schedule, how the family is getting fed that night, make sure things are running ok at work. But inside, they slowly start to realize they aren't taking care of themselves. This could look like someone feeling more and more anxious, and trying to maintain everything so well they start to feel their heart racing and snap at people unexpectedly. Or they could feel like they bottle up their depression until it's really difficult to get out of bed one morning.

Work with me, and we will slowly understand what your new reality is. How do you take care of yourself in all these changes? You deserve a space where you aren't taking care of anyone, but you just get unload and talk about all the feelings you can't share with anyone in your inner circle. I work with individuals, couples and families who are going through transitions and trying to find a new normal, and survive getting there.

Contact me:

yasmine@uptown-psychology.com | 704-412-4046


Insurance Covered

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Private Pay Rate

Individual Session - $120

Couples/Family Session - $140



Pfeiffer University, Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

North Carolina A&T State University, Bachelors of Science

Member, Delta Kappa -  International Honor Society for Marriage and Family Therapy